About Sapanca

Considered one of the important tourism centers of Sakarya province, Sapanca has become the center of attention of tourism lovers with its nature parks, streams, Sapanca Lake with its magnificent coast and activities in the district.

There are certain features that make Sapanca special. The most important of these features is its location and easy access. It is 20 kilometers from Sakarya, 40 kilometers from Kocaeli, 120 kilometers from Istanbul, 110 kilometers from Yalova, 160 kilometers from Bursa and 130 kilometers from Bolu, one of the most important provinces of the Marmara region. The Ankara-Istanbul highway and high-speed train line passing through the district center provide serious advantages in transportation. It is among the easiest options for people living in the surrounding provinces to spend their weekends and other holidays. Sapanca, where transportation is so easy, offers a perfect opportunity for a holiday to have natural features, streams, magnificent lake views, plateaus, nature and water sports, authentic restaurants, etc.

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Sapanca Lake, which is considered one of the most important freshwater lakes of Marmara, is a natural wonder lake surrounded by forests, approximately 40 square kilometers wide. The diversity of plant species on the coast and the clear blue of its water offer a full riot of colors, especially in the spring months when nature comes to life. Sycamore and linden trees, shady paths stretching between vegetable and fruit gardens add a different beauty to the region and the lake.

When you come to Sapanca, there are Kırkpınar and Kurtköy towns that you can visit and easily reach. There are streams, large picnic areas, trout farms and restaurants in Kurtköy. It is possible to call these regions Sapanca's orchards. Kırkpınar region is famous for its restaurants and cafes, with comfortable walking areas surrounded by greenery.

Istanbuldere and Mahmudiye streams have become the shining stars of Sapanca in recent years. There are both trout farms and restaurants and cafes in these streams. You can have a peaceful meal and sip your coffee with your loved ones, accompanied by the natural view and the sound of the stream.