Nevras Deluxe Villa

We provide villa accommodation service in Sapanca with the privileges of aesthetics and comfort in our 200 m² luxury villas in a 750 m² garden, with a specially designed 3+2 private pool, private parking lot, panoramic Sapanca Lake view.
Nevras Resort has a 24/7 reception.


7 People


200 m²





Nevras Deluxe Villa Photos

Accommodation in Nevras Deluxe Villas

Nevras Resort Deluxe Villa 3+2 concept villas have their own pool, car park, garden and fireplace and are designed in a way that dominates the view of Sapanca Lake. In addition, they are new generation villas with facilities such as a playground, adult sports area, viewing terrace and prayer room in our common areas. There are also many options for you to have a family barbecue in the gardens of Nevras Deluxe villas.


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