Horse Riding

Visiting the horse farm is one of the nice activities that can be done in Sapanca. You can watch the magnificent nature or ride a horse, and get rid of the stress of the city. There are also forest tours lasting approximately 1.5 hours on the farm, where horse riding training is given to novice riders by expert instructors.

horse riding in Sapanca
Horse Riding in Sapanca
ATV Safari in Sapanca

ATV Safari

For those who want to do ATV Safari, there are different options such as lake and off-road track, slope track and mountain track. If taken as a group, you can also do it on a track of your own choice.


We invite you to roll in the snow on days when the season allows, provided that you are careful of course… Let's not forget the snowball and snowman, these cold weather activities are effective sports as they work many muscles in the body. Finding the target of the thrown ball and destroying it with snowballs gives pleasure as much as making the snowman.

Sapanca ski resorts
Skiing in Sapanca
Jeep Safari in Sapanca

Jeep Safari

If your preference will be Jeep Safari, you can join the expeditions organized towards Kartepe and Soğucak Plateau with its unique beauty. Push the limits of nature with 4X4 vehicles, explore untouched places.


There are many trails with different difficulty levels around Sapanca for trekking, which is a sport that people of all ages can easily do. It is possible to find streams, mountain roads, waterfalls and rock climbing, especially on the tracks in Yanık village.

trekking in Sapanca
Nature Walk in Sapanca

Which Season to Visit Sapanca?

Sapanca is one of the favorite addresses of tourists, especially in spring and summer. However, it also offers its own unique beauty in the fall and winter seasons. For this reason, Sapanca is an excellent option for a vacation in every season.